Our Businesses

Mangal Textile Private Limited

Colouring the horizon with new hues, the sekhani group has set foot into this arena, armed with rare expertise and a huge range of options.
Painting the horizon in scintillating hues, armed with rare expertise and a large range of options, the Sekhani Group is devoted to show our excellence in this field. The in-house engraving department & well equipped design studio, boosts up our efficiency & reduces production time. Sekhani Group has many feathers in its cap & is a true all-rounder. Keeping the varied customer choices & needs in mind, the group has the capacity to address a wide range of printing styles.
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Mangal Cotton Mills Private Limited

At Mangal cotton mills, we bring you the artistic world of fabrics and versatile machineries for the finest work. This is the world of designs which is like poetry on a fabric. Each twist of the thread, each loop that it goes through is unique and instantly appealing to the customers. At Sekhani Group, the art of embroidery is taken to new levels of brilliance and finery by state-of-art technology. Each day, our group produces nothing less than 30,000 meters of embroidered fabric that is designed to have maximum appeal for the customers.
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Sita Fabric Mills Private Limited

Sita fabrics mainly deals with trading and printing embroidery for women. We are also manufacturers of Suiting fabrics. The company constantly upgrades its technology and offers added facility of in-house fabric processing. Sita fabrics has established itself for number of esteemed customers worldwide. Our endeavour is to provide the finest quality of work and customer satisfaction.
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Texworld Fashions Private Limited

We are happy to state that while we have achieved resounding success on our home turf, we have also had similiar success away from home. Today, the Sekhani brand name has a presence that spans across the world, covering six out of the seven continents. We export to USA, Brazil, South Africa, UK, France, Italy, UAE, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Australia, and Japan to name a few.
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Sekhani Industries Private Limited

This is the personal care division of the Sekhani Group. Wonderize and Doobidoo are Sekhani Industries' foray into the hygiene business.
Wonderize is the feminine hygiene division. We are India’s leading sanitary napkins manufacturer. Our objective is to positively influence womens lives by encouraging them to live with grace, dignity and confidence.
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Doobidoo is the baby care division from the house of Sekhani. Our motto is to nurture the future generation with care and comfort.
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