About Us


The saga of success started all the way back in 1970, in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. It has been five decades since this adventure began and the experiences have been deep and equally rewarding.
Aided by a visionary approach and due emphasis on technique and cutting-edge technology, our company has moved from strength to strength.
Nothing less than the best is available here at Sekhani Group.
Times have changed and so has the world, but that has only strengthened our vigour and enthusiasm to achieve greater excellence.
Sekhani Group has achieved a rare distinction of carving our niche in across the globe with expertise in fabric panting, dyeing, embroidery and personal care products.
Excellence, perfection, reliability, and customer satisfaction play a major role in our industry.
Our ultimate aim is to provide better quality products for people through all segments by using world class technologies and at the same time, being sensitive to our community and to the environment.


To create the best quality products for our esteemed customers through all our businesses using world class technologies while being sensitive to our community and the environment.


To help people experience a better quality of life by providing them with great products.