Mangal Textile Mills India Private Limited

Colouring the horizon with new hues, the sekhani group has set foot into this arena, armed with rare expertise and a huge range of options.

Playing with Colours

Painting the horizon with scintillating hues - armed with rare expertise and a large range of options, the Sekhani Group is devoted to show our excellence in this field.

Powering this faculty of the company are:

Dyeing Machines:

  • Continuous bleaching range
  • Continuous wider width mercerize
  • Jiggers
  • Jet dyeing
  • Continuous padding
  • Continuous winch
  • Soft flows

Aided by these technological capabilities, the company's dyeing capacity stands at an enviable 75,000 meter/day

Glam & Digital Prints

This division of Sekhani Group is likened to a huge canvas which will realize your dreams with a myriad of colours and printing styles. The company fulfils the customers aspirations with a printing capacity 3,00,000 Meter/day.

  • Flatbed Printing Machine
  • Rotary Printing Up to 12 Colours
  • Flatbed Printing Up to 18 Colours
  • Hand Printing Tables
  • Digital Printing Machine

Reggiani & Storks technology produces best quality printing fabric. The in-house engraving department & well equipped design studio boosts up our efficiency & reduces production time. Sekhani Group has many feathers in its’ cap & is a true all-rounder. Keeping the varied customer choices & needs in mind, the group has the capacity to address a wide range of printing styles.