Sekhani Industries Private Limited

Sekhani Industries Private Limited is one of the leading Indian manufacturers of Sanitary Napkins.
It's manufacturing unit is based out of Sanand, Gujarat.
It caters to Private Label brands in India and Overseas.
It also promotes in-house brand -‘Wonderize’ (fem-care products) with a mission to enable the women of India, the freedom to live with grace and dignity.
Under the fem care brand – Wonderize, the line of products are Sanitary Napkins, Panty Liners and Periodpanties.
They manufacture both fluff based and ultra-thin napkins, embedded with customised features available in different sizes (regular, large and extra-large).
Wonderize Sanitary Napkin has a range of products like Soft Comfort, Dry comfort, Ultra Dry.
For further details, kindly visit our website: Wonderize